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My thoughts on the time wasting Steve McNair podcast “Fall of a Titan”

Seattle Seahawks vs Tennessee Titans - December 18, 2005 Photo by Joe Murphy/NFLPhotoLibrary

The final episode of SI’s “true” crime podcast, “Fall of a Titan,” which focused on the murder-suicide of Steve McNair was released today. I listed to the whole thing against my better judgement. Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t listed to it yet, don’t. It is not worth your time.

Apparently I don’t understand journalistic standards. I thought with Sports Illustrated’s name being attached to the project they wouldn’t give credence to unsubstantiated rumors. That thought was dismissed in the first episode when they talked about a rumor regarding McNair’s body that has never been substantiated. Not only that, but later in the series they interviewed the coroner who examined McNair’s body, and he said the rumor wasn’t true. Who is more likely to be lying- the coroner or Vincent Hill?

Let’s talk about Vincent Hill for a minute. That dude has been using this murder-suicide to get attention for himself for almost a decade now. He is more than willing to throw out any theory that pops into his brain as long as it gets him 15 more minutes in the limelight. Tim Rohan, the host of this “investigative” podcast, admits multiple times that Hill isn’t trustworthy, but still gives him yet another platform to throw out his ridiculous theories. The next time Hill comes up with something he can actually back-up in this case will be the first time.

Sure, there were several questions raised here, but my issue with that is that they raised questions about multiple people. It seemed like there were at least 4 people, in addition to Sahel Kazemi, that they were trying to raise suspicion on in this podcast. Look, I understand, as Rohan said in the finale, that he set out to prove that Kazemi didn’t kill McNair- not to prove who did kill him, but where does that leave the other people that he has cast suspicion on? As one of the Nashville police officers said in an episode, 5 people didn’t kill Steve McNair.

The thing that stuck out to me the most about the final episode was how everyone else in the story is ready to move on. Lucille McNair (Steve’s mom) and the rest of the McNair family said they are ready to move on. Kazemi’s sister told Rowan the same thing. The only person that is still holding on here is Hill, and it is extremely sad that Rowan and SI gave him another platform to spew his nonsense.

So, like I said above, do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time with this production because it didn’t introduce one new piece of concrete evidence.