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Logan Ryan will miss the remainder of the season with a broken fibula

Tennessee Titans v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Logan Ryan announced on Twitter earlier that he will miss the remainder of the season with a broken left fibula:

This sucks. Ryan was having a great year for a secondary that has been improving each week. He has been the most steady member of the group.

The only good news for the Titans here is that they have a capable backup in LeShaun Sims. However, they don’t have a natural fit to play the slot. That is where Ryan has excelled in his time with the Titans. The top 3 guys, Adoree Jackson, Malcolm Butler, and Sims, have all been primarily outside corners. Someone is going to have to step in and play Ryan’s role- a role that is just as important as the outside guys in today’s NFL.

Anyway, all of that isn’t as important as Ryan’s health. Here’s top hoping everything goes well for him in his rehab. He is a guy that has been great on the field and in the community during his time here. He is an easy guy to root for.