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Titans Week 13 Enemy Profile: Jamal Adams

One of the most complete safeties in the league in just his second season.

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans can’t possibly lose to the Jets, right? If they do would we really be surprised?

Anyway the Jets are coming to town to face Tennessee, and while they are the Jets, they have a superstar safety playing out of his mind in just his second season. Drafted with the sixth pick of the 2017 draft, LSU safety Jamal Adams has put together a phenomenal season.

Through 11 games, Adams is fourth in pass disruptions with 12 (behind teammate Morris Claiborne’s 13!) and also has one interception, two forced fumbles, 1.5 sacks, eight tackles for loss and four quarterback hits. Essentially, Adams has done anything and everything to become a force for this Jets secondary, so we’re going to take a dive into his tape to see just what’s so good about him.

Adams’ coverage on this play is unbelievable. As you can tell, he’s in zone coverage guarding the underneath spot. He takes his eyes away from the underneath when he sees T.J. Jones open near the end zone. The distance apart makes it seem like he won’t reach Jones, but his speed, effort and tackle on Jones disrupts the pass, forcing an incompletion.

That’s what’s so impressive about Adams. His hustle can make up for the distance apart between him and the receiver, and his effort here is nothing short of spectacular.

As you may have guessed from Adams’ 1.5 sacks and four quarterback hits, he’s used frequently on blitzes, and man oh man the Titans better watch out because he’s extremely effective doing it.

Adams actually comes in late from the right of the screen on a delayed blitz. He’s able to get into his spot in time to put enough pressure on Brock Osweiler to force the ball out of his hands. And wouldn’t you know it, Adams himself deflects the pass, falling onto the ground for an incompletion.

Last week against the Patriots, Adams broke up three passes, including two on Rob Gronkowski. His first pass breakup was his best, though.

Like the first GIF, Adams initially looks to be too far away to make a stop on Gronkowski, but incredibly he does. Adams is one of the defensive backs that has very little trouble adapting to the new rule changes for defenses, as his hustle and angle on the tackle on the ball are extremely impressive. He whacks Gronk without drawing a penalty and jars the ball loose for an incomplete pass.

Simply put, Jamal Adams is an animal. His speed covers so much ground and his ability on blitzes and angles on his hits make him one of the most complete safeties in the league—not bad for a second-year player!

Against a struggling Titans offensive line and receiving corps, Adams could have yet another field day in the works. For the Titans sake, let’s hope that’s put on hold for a game.