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What player from the Patriots would you snag for the Titans?

As if the Titans didn’t have enough personnel from New England already...

NFL: Green Bay Packers at New England Patriots Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of the week where I ask what player from the opposing team of this week’s matchup would you trade for. This week’s opponent happens to be the AFC East Titans: The Patriots.

Yeah it’s no secret that the Titans are full of former Patriots: head coach Mike Vrabel, RB Dion Lewis, corners Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler, and right guard Josh Kline. Bill Belichick rarely leaves a detail uncovered, so he’ll be prepared with the knowledge of his former players and assistants.

But with that said, the Patriots offense is looking like the Patriots offense after a slow start to the season. Even with Rob Gronkowski’s absence the last two games, the presence of Brady’s safety net Julian Edelman, James White, Cordarrelle Patterson (as a running back) and (some guy named) Josh Gordon has given New England enough weapons to overwhelm whatever defense they come across.

So, who would you steal from the Patriots (again)?

Tom Brady would be an obvious answer, but he’s 41 so who knows how long he’d last on the Titans (Plus we’ve never seen him play outside Belichick’s offense). Josh Gordon would probably be my pick. Putting him on Tennessee’s offense would put less pressure on Corey Davis and would give the offense an electrifying pass catcher with vertical speed and ability after the catch.

On defense, I’d switch Malcolm Butler with Stephon Gilmore, who’s been great during his time in New England. But I’m not sure who else would merit a spot on the Titans.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Give us your picks for what other player you’d steal from the New England Titans, I mean Patriots!