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Kevin Byard fined $10,026 dollars for his celebration on the star

Tennessee Titans v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Kevin Byard picked off a Dak Prescott in the end zone on Monday night and then ran to the Cowboys star at midfield to pull off the Terrell Owens celebration (he was later joined by a few of his teammates for a river dance). Well now, according to Allan Bell of 24/7 Sports, Byard has been fined $10,026 for the celebration.

Then there was some noise on Tuesday that Byard could be fined for “stomping on the logo” which there are apparently rules against. To say that Byard “stomped” on the logo is ridiculous. He went out there and stood on the logo ala TO and then danced. This is why the NFL gets called the No Fun League at times.

It was good to see Byard get this pick in Dallas during a Monday Night Football game after all of the “just a fan” crap that he went through with Deion Sanders this offseason. Deion, of course, doubled down on stupid this week.