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Dez Bryant is signing at 1-year deal with the Saints

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Dez Bryant is signing a deal to join the Saints for the rest of the season via multiple media reports. We have spent a good time here talking about whether or not the Titans should have signed Bryant. I was against it back in the summer when they had Delanie Walker and Rishard Matthews. My stance changed on it once Walker was hurt and Matthews quit on the team.

The detractors out there said that Dez must be done because no one else had signed him yet. I do think there is something to that argument, but it is over now. So what does it mean if Bryant goes to New Orleans and plays well?

It means that Jon Robinson, yet again, missed an opportunity to upgrade the roster. People that want Robinson fired at this point are out of their minds, but as I have said on a couple of different occasions, it is time to drop the blind “In Jon Robinson we trust” moniker.