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Titans News: Same DNA

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are wrought from the same DNA as the Patriots. We have a former player as our HC, a former scout as our GM, we’ve brought in 3 of their former players the past couple off-seasons. Our DC used to be their DC. It’ll be interesting to see how we match up against them after a playoff game that left much to be desired in Foxborough a year ago.

Check out Mike Vrabel’s victory speech here. These never get old.

After trading Vrabel, the relationship between current Titans HC and current Patriots HC was a bit frosty, but they’ve made up, since.

The Titans won’t demote Malcolm Butler for LeShaun Sims yet, because Vrabel said Sims isn’t as good of a player. Butler needs to figure it out, and soon. If not, Brady is going to carve him up.

The Titans have moved up to 18th in’s power rankings.