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Titans News: Must Win

NFL: International Series-Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans play on MNF tonight, and it is an absolute must win game for the guys in two-tone blue. If they don’t beat the Cowboys, the season is close to over, as they’ve lost too many games to AFC teams to be in the wild card hunt, due to tiebreakers, and the Texans keep winning football games.

Interesting news yesterday with the Titans reportedly shopping Derrick Henry, prior to the trade deadline. I am interested to see what this means for him this offseason, as I assume they would try and move him again.

Jim Wyatt’s mailbag is here.

Kenny Vaccaro is back and that is YUGE.

Jalston Fowler and Derrick Henry are BFFs. What about Jalston Fowler and Derrick Henry’s dog?

Turron Davenport writes that Jalston Fowler should help open up the run game for Derrick Henry. I think the more likely scenario is that it opens up the run game for Dion Lewis.