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Titans News: Homecoming

News: The 2018 ESPYS-Red Carpet Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Titan, Chris Johnson will be the 12th man for the Titans on Sunday’s homecoming. I imagine we see a CJ2K like rushing performance from Henry and Lewis against one of the worst run defending teams in the NFL over the past few weeks.

Jack Conklin has been a major disappointment so far, coming back from an ACL injury. It doesn’t help that Josh Kline has been a turnstile next to him, but still, Conklin needs to improve and he knows it. picks the Titans to beat the Jets, by 8 points. They also guess it could be a punt-fest, which I guess wouldn’t be a total surprise. Since cutting Jalston Fowler, the offense has been completely anemic. Big mistake by JRob.