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Who is the Titans biggest rival?

I got asked a couple of weeks ago to provide the Titans 4 biggest rivals. You can see above the 4 that I provided. That list was then sent out for a vote for those of you who are signed up for the FanPulse deal that we sent out earlier this year. Are you surprised by the result?

The final tally doesn’t surprise me. I voted the Jaguars, but that is probably just my bias because of how awful there fanbase is to deal with on Twitter. They are easily the worst group that there is.

When it comes to the Texans winning this vote, I think the reason is because of the whole Houston thing. We have a lot of you here who are from Texas, so you are naturally going to hate that team more because you are around their fans more. I get that because as an Alabama fan that lives in Tennessee, I hate UT a lot more than I hate Auburn. Most Bama fans that live in Alabama will tell you they hate Auburn more.

I am interested to hear from you who you would have put on the list outside of the teams in the division. The Ravens were the easy choice for me because of the history of the rivalry. They knocked out the two Titans’ teams that should have won the Super Bowl, but everyone might not feel that way. Leave me your 4th team in the comments.