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The Titans have allowed the fifth fewest quarterback hits through 10 weeks

This is good. Maybe even very good.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The 21-0 blood bath defeat at home against the Ravens in Week 6 feels so distant now. Marcus Mariota was sacked 11 times and nothing could go right for the Titans offense. This was hell.

But in the last three games the Titans have embarked on a streak of good fortune somewhat. Mariota has been sacked eight times in three games, which isn’t great but at least he’s not in the situation Matthew Stafford is in (16 sacks in his last 2 games).

This is where QB hits come in. I’ve been charting quarterback hits for most of the season, and these include hits after the pass and sacks. Allowing more/less QB hits does not automatically mean your team is allowing less pressure, so keep that in mind. And wouldn’t you know it, the Titans have given up the fifth fewest amount of quarterback hits through 10 weeks, tied with the Panthers with 40.

In the three games since that Ravens disaster, the Titans pass protection has only surrendered 12 quarterback hits onto Mariota. Does that automatically mean the offensive line has been excellent? Not completely. Mariota has still had to face interior pressure, and he’s done a tremendous job against it. The guard problems are still there, but the greater efficiency between Mariota and his receivers and scheme also offset this.

Protecting the quarterback, with that said, has been more apparent, especially on the current two-game winning streak Tennessee possesses, so this is encouraging.