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Titans fans confident in the direction of the team after win over Patriots

It should come as no surprise that the confidence in the direction of the franchise is back to basically a season-high level after that win over the Patriots. The coaching staff put together an excellent game plan and the players executed it to perfection....and that came against Bill Belichick who is one of the top 5 coaches of all time. There is no reason not to be really excited.

Of course the challenge now is to build on the success. We all know what happened after the huge win against the Eagles. The Titans went out and lost the next 3 after talking about how they should get respect on the national level.

You haven’t heard any of that talk this week. That leads me to believe that they learned their lesson from the aftermath of that win. This game on Sunday is even bigger than the one they just won. A win here would move them to 3-0 in the division and set up a huge showdown the following Monday night in Houston against the Texans.