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Titans News: Learning From the Past

NFL: New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans won a YUGE game on Sunday, absolutely decimating the New England Patriots to the tune of 34-10. It was the best performance of the year, and now the Titans have defeated both contestants in last year’s Super Bowl as well as the AFC runner up.

This is the time to preach for more respect, right? Wrong. The Titans played that game when they started the season 3-1 and it resulted in 3 more losses. I think the Titans will stay more focused going forward with 2 ginormous divisional games coming up the next two weeks.

Tom Brady was barely over 50% completion percentage on the day.

Marcus was a runner, QB, and receiver on Sunday in another excellent performance from the Titans’ signal caller.

Mike Vrabel’s victory speech is awesome as always.

Mariota being more open with LaFleur on what he likes and dislikes is paying off says Turron Davenport.

Dion Lewis called the Patriots cheap.

Turron Davenport calls this a signature win for the Titans. I agree, and hope that they can keep the momentum going into Indianapolis.

I’m assuming Vrabel’s postgame handshake with Belichick went something like this.