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Dion Lewis pulled no punches when asked if the Titans win over the Patriots was personal

New England Patriots v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

This game was important for a lot of Titans’ players, but it was especially important for Dion Lewis. He said earlier in the week that he wouldn’t be out there hugging people before the game. After the big win he was asked if this game was personal for him:

Good for Dion.

The Titans have taken a lot of heat for all of the former Patriots players they have on their squad. Bill Barnwell called them a “cheap Patriots cover band” earlier this season. Well the Titans lined up and dominated those Patriots for 60 minutes today. They beat them so bad that Tom Brady left the game with 7 minutes left to go because it was out of hand. How many times do you think that has happened in his career.

A huge congrats to all of those guys that were looking for a little revenge today, including Malcolm Butler who we didn’t hear from on the day....and that is a good thing!

Here’s video of Lewis postgame courtesy of Buck Reising: