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So you want the Titans to add a free agent wide receiver

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt the Titans need help in the pass catching department. So many people on Twitter and Facebook say they need to “GO SIGN A RECEIVER” while forgetting that if a guy isn’t on a team in week 6 there is a reason. Dez Bryant is obviously the first name that comes up. I was opposed to the Dez signing this summer when it looked like the Titans were going to have Delanie Walker, Corey Davis and Rishard Matthews as their top 3 receiving options. The conversation is different now that 2 of those 3 guys are no longer available. It would seem to make a ton of sense to at least have Dez in for a visit/workout at this point.

So that is the Dez conversation. Outside of that the free agent wide receiver list has guys like Corey Coleman, Jeremy Maclin and your favorite and mine, Kenneth Lawrence Britt. Coleman and Britt have been cut by half the league. Maclin can’t run anymore. Then you’ve got guys like Breshad Perriman and Malcolm Mitchell who have some upside but have been hurt for most of the time they were in the league.

The best avenue for the Titans to add some help at receiver is through the trade market. More on that later....