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Titans News: Trap Game

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Hoo boy, what a disaster. The Titans lose to the Bills in the most winnable game they will play all year. Josh Allen was not good, but the Titans were worse. I thought Marcus played fine, but the lack of usage of Derrick Henry was extremely odd considering the success he had on the ground. Add in the two fumbles by Dion Lewis and Taywan Taylor, the interception caused by Nick Williams failing to run his route, and then dropping the easiest pass he’ll ever get a chance to haul in.

Marcus was frustrated after yesterday’s loss, and he should be. The offense wasn’t good enough.

Read Mike Vrabel’s reaction to the game here.

Where do the Titans go from here? Well, they play the next game against the Ravens, and if they win, we’ll all feel better, but this loss stinks. We had a chance to go up a game in the division and squandered it. They probably need to bring in a more reliable WR, not Dez. This loss falls on everyone and we’ll see how they respond. Also, feel better soon, Taylor Lewan.