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Rak City : Titans Aim to Stack Sacks

Brian Orakpo and the ascending Titans defense travel to Buffalo to cause some chaos.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

DC Dean Pees has the Tennessee Titans defense ranked 15th overall in total yards allowed. The Titans rank 12th against the pass and 23rd against the run.

The Titans give up an average of 118 yards per game on the ground compared to 242 yards per game through the air.

Had it not been for a few deep touchdown passes, that number would be significantly lower.

The Buffalo Bills rank 31st in total offense. Buffalo ranks dead last in passing yards per game with an average of 132. The Bills rank 23rd when running the football and put up around 89 yards per game.

Defensively, the Titans appear to be a match up nightmare. But - as we’ve seen before - what looks good on paper doesn’t always translate to the field like it should.

Bring the Heat

Pees loves bring the heat on blitzes and likes to shuffle his personnel and attack from many different angles.

This could be very problematic for the Bills.

Whether it’s a linebacker up the gut, edge defenders on the outside or the occasional defensive back torpedo launching from the blind spot - the Titans do it all.

Teams facing the Titans will have chances to get big plays due to the aggressive nature of Pees’s style. However, teams also have success running the football due to Titans’ defenders own momentum being used against them.

The Bills will prepare their game plan to minimize what the Titans do well by allowing the defenders to over pursue and take themselves out of the play. It’s something Buffalo will try, but doesn’t guarantee to be a successful game plan.

Pees will have a firm understanding of how the Bills will try to handle the Titans defensive pressure. Throughout the week, he likely incorporated the thought of maintaining gap responsibility and playing with a controlled rage.

The aggressiveness has to be harnessed and the blitzing will be calculated. For rookie QB Josh Allen, he will be forced to make urgent decisions and likely will have to do so running for his life.

Allen has the wheels to escape, but the Titans have the outside speed to ensure he doesn’t get too far.

The Bills lead the league in sacks allowed with 21 and rank 3rd in interceptions thrown.

The Titans rank 7th in totals sacks with 12 and sit near the middle of the pack with three interceptions on the season.

For the Titans, it’s time to feast.

Defensive Explosion

The Titans defense is due for a big game against a Buffalo offense that struggles to find their groove. Running backs Shady McCoy and Chris Ivory will get their touches in an attempt to bang out tough yards early with the hopes that it helps open up the passing game.

Pees will be prepared for that and likely will develop a game plan that is aimed at eliminating the run. He’ll force the rookie Allen to make plays and win with his arm - an arm that is powerful, but often times inaccurate.

The Titans secondary - even without Kenny Vaccaro - is still a force. Malcolm Butler and Logan Ryan are both familiar with the Bills due to playing them twice a year as members of the Patriots. Each have one career pick against the Bills and both hope to collect one on Sunday.

A Titans teams with a rising defensive pass rush is not something Buffalo is looking forward to facing.