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Titans News: Big Time Losers

NFL: International Series-Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans lost at the trade deadline yesterday. Whether you think they should have ponied up for Golden Tate or Demaryius Thomas, is one thing, but the reality is that the team with the best record in the division got better, and that is an issue for the Titans, making them losers at the deadline. The Titans had 2 weeks to add someone to make an impact as a pass catcher to this offense and the only move was Jalston Fowler. Very interesting strategy by Jon Robinson, we will see if it pays off.

Jalston is excited to make an impact with the Titans in his second go around with the team. He’ll need to improve the run game in order for this offense to get on track.

The Titans should have traded for OBJ!!!!1

Yesterday was Marcus’ birthday and he got a pie in the face from Ben Jones, and a metaphorical pie in the face from Jon Robinson.

Tajae Sharpe is becoming a reliable receiver for the Titans, which is good, and would make him the only one.

The Titans come in at 22nd in the Power Rankings. I’m surprised we aren’t lower.