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Titans News: Calling JRob

NFL: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys made a trade yesterday that I thought was a bit much. That being said, they did what they needed to do to bring in a very talented, young WR. The Titans need to make a move for a WR as well if they want to be competitive this year. That WR should be Emmanuel Sanders of the Denver Broncos. He’s got one of the best catch rates in the NFL, gets good separation and is solid with the ball in his hands.

Sanders would be perfect for this offense and for Marcus, and would allow Corey to not have as much attention drawn his way. Furthermore, the Titans could play out of 11 personnel more, with Davis, Sharpe, and Sanders as the WRs.

Vrabel says the Titans will work this week and then get some guys some much needed time off. Get healthy, Vaccaro, I can’t take another week of Kendrick Lewis getting burned.