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Titans News: Missed Opportunities

NFL: International Series-Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oh what could have been.... with just 2 measly points, the Titans would have gained a game on the Jaguars, and retained the lead in the AFC South. Instead, a loss against the Chargers, and the Titans are in 2nd place and only a game up on the Colts, who thrashed the Buffalo Bills. For the record, I like the decision to go for two, I just hated the play call, out of an empty set, and Marcus under center. Sneak it, run it, RPO, anything but the play call that led to Marcus targeting Taywan Taylor.

Marcus said everything about the London trip except the ending was great.

Vrabel said he doesn’t regret the 2 point attempt. Marcus says they need to flush this and move on. Huge game against a not so good Cowboys team coming up. That game will say a ton about this team.

The Titans still can’t convert in the Red Zone, and it’s losing them games.

What did we learn from Sunday’s games? The receivers still can’t catch and are overall lacking. If the Titans want to be serious about improving the offense during the season, they need to add a WR this week.