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What are your thoughts on the Titans heading into the bye?

Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

I’m sure everyone knows the Titans lost their third straight game earlier this morning, so let’s just get to our thoughts on this 3-4 team as they mercifully head into the bye.

Marcus Mariota has had his share of criticism, but I don’t think he’s played as bad as everyone seems to think. The Titans’ offensive line, primarily the guard play, has not been sharp as of late, and the receivers haven’t been close to consistent in either separation or catching the ball. To me, Mariota’s accuracy has been fine.

I’ve been vocal about my criticism of Derrick Henry, and he hasn’t looked right this season. Still, it’s odd how he wasn’t involved on the two-point conversion attempt today. Dion Lewis needs to continue being involved in the passing game as well. Matt LaFleur has been bad the last few weeks, but we have to wonder if the absence of Delanie Walker and a hole at receiver have affected the quality of the play calling.

On defense, guys like Jurrell Casey and Harold Landry stand out, but the secondary has been a disappointment. Adoree Jackson has been the best defensive back, but Kevin Byard has taken a step back while Malcolm Butler has been a disappointment. I think Mike Vrabel needs more time to build the defense he wants, and as a head coach I think he has the right idea about being aggressive, but this defense is not ready to be above average.

I would definitely trade for a wide receiver. Perhaps Amari Cooper would help, though he’s had drop problems throughout his career. If this team expects to compete for the AFC South title this year though, you could do worse. But this team is in free fall mode, and fortunately they have the bye to figure out what the hell they need to do to save their season.