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Carlos Hyde traded to the Jaguars

Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

[UPDATE]- The Jaguars are sending a 5th round pick to the Browns.

It is being reported on Twitter by various people that the Cleveland Browns have traded Carlos Hyde to the Jacksonville Jaguars. I haven’t seen the exact compensation yet, but it was being reported by Adam Schefter as a mid-round pick.

I think it is obvious that Leonard Fournette’s injury is worse than the Jaguars have been letting on. They have basically played it as week to week, but they wouldn’t be trading for Hyde if he was going to be back in a couple of weeks. It also doesn’t help that T.J. Yeldon is banged up.

This obviously paves the way for more Nick Chubb with the Browns. You should go add him in your fantasy league it you haven’t already. It is probably too late by the time you are reading this.

The Jaguars have been scuffling the last couple of weeks. They have now gone out and done something to upgrade their roster....