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Titans News: Ground-Up Improvements

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have to fix the offense, and soon. A big way to improve the offense would be getting the run game going, that’s a very broad statement that is certainly obvious. Getting Derrick Henry and Dion Lewis going would allow Marcus to make easier reads in the pass game as well. I think if the Titans were to go to more 11 personnel, they’d invite less bodies in the box to block, and those bodies would be CBs and Safeties instead of LBs and DL.

Also, I’ve been critical of Rashaan Evans, but he looked MUCH better on Sunday. Not perfect, but I don’t expect him to be. Thankfully Woodyard will be back on Sunday, else Bates would be covering Gordon on 3rd down, and that’s a recipe for disaster. Bates is an EXCELLENT special teams player, but it’s best when he’s not on the field in coverage situations.

Marcus was the 2nd worst graded QB on Sunday. These things are going to happen when you get sacked 11 times more than you score.