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My jinxing streak picking Titans games is over

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I picked the Ravens to win yesterday’s game at Tennessee, which they did by the score of 21-0. This means the streak of games where I jinxed the Titans positively or negatively has ended.

Here’s what happened the first five games.

At Miami: Picked the Titans to win, Dolphins won.

Vs. Houston: Picked the Texans to win, Titans won.

At Jacksonville: Picked the Jaguars to win, Titans won.

Vs. Philadelphia: Picked the Eagles to win, Titans won.

At Buffalo: Picked the Titans to win, Bills won.

That ended in Week 6 when I picked the Ravens to win, and they ended up winning.

Now, I didn’t make any of these picks as a joke; I actually thought the teams I selected were going to win. Likewise, I expected the Ravens to win tonight’s game, and the defense ended up murdering Marcus Mariota.

None of the picks I make going forward will be of significant value anymore, that or we can start a new streak next week against the Chargers. But yeah this game was hot garbage, one where the offense’s limitations had clearly been reached. Matt LaFleur’s game plan has been poor the last two weeks, and the offense has done next to nothing in that same span.

Somehow, the Titans are still in first place in the disastrous AFC South at 3-3, but the Jaguars and Texans have the same record. This division is wide open, and the juju I provided in the past will not be enough for this team if they want to claim the division title at the end of the year.