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MCM Podcasts: Spend your weekend with Football & Other F Words

We’ve hot and fresh pods for your enjoyment each week!

The newest addition to the MCM Podcast Network and SB Nation is the “Football & Other F Words” Podcast. They’re local Nashville buds, who get together, drink beer, and talk all things Titans and NFL.

Here is what is happening with the Podcast this week:

Titans Podcast: What The F?!? - What the F Just happened? Did we really lose to the Bills? Who are the Titans? WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?! The Nashville Hooligans try to answer these questions and more about the Titans losing to the Bills and where it takes us against our match up versus the Ravens.

NFL Podcast: National F League - Week 6 - It’s Week 6 and the Nashville Hooligans are bringing you a new episode. We talk about the crazy week of injuries in Week 5. We talk about the horrible Coaching Job in Houston, and how it was one wild week for Kickers. We then have a round table discussion on which Undefeated Team we have more faith in. We then introduce a new segment inspired by UFC Fighter Derrick Lewis and his amazing victory speech, call “Coaches with Hot Balls”. We then talk about the 4 games that excite us the most this week.

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