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The trade Bill Barnwell proposed for the Titans seems ridiculous to me

NFL: Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Barnwell of ESPN wrote a piece earlier this week about 11 trades that make sense. One of the ideas he proposed was the Titans trading with the Detroit Lions. The Titans would send a 4th round pick to the Lions for Golden Tate. We all know why the Titans would like to make that trade. They need help at wide receiver. Here is Barnwell’s reason for why the Lions should make the trade:

While the Lions are still giving Tate plenty of targets, the 30-year-old former Seahawks standout is in the final year of his deal and seems unlikely to return to Detroit after the breakout of Kenny Golladay. Tate is averaging 86.2 yards per game this season, so he’s still an effective weapon, but the Notre Dame product is playing less than 80 percent of the snaps on offense, leaving him well behind Marvin Jones (93.5 percent) and Golladay (89.9 percent). With the Lions 2-3 and their playoff chances already below 10 percent, per FPI, Tate could represent a valuable trade chip.

I doubt an NFL team with a first year head coach is ready to punt on the season after 5 weeks and a 2-3 record, especially a team with a really good quarterback. I get that the Lions have 2 other good receivers, but you need 3 in this league, and if one of the top 2 guys were to get hurt, which happens from time to time in the sport of football, and Tate was gone the Lions would be really thin at receiver.

Of course if I am Jon Robinson I would pull the trigger on this deal in a heartbeat. The Titans don’t have anyone on the roster that comes close to matching the production Tate has put up in his career, and a future 4th round pick to dramatically upgrade your roster in a year where you have a legitimate shot at winning the division is a no-brainer. I just don’t see how the deal makes any sense for the Lions.