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Veteran Tight End Can Help Titans

The Titans should consider adding veteran tight end.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It’s slim pickings on the free agent market at most positions. The pantry is even more bare when trying to address needs at skill positions.

The Titans filled out their 53-man roster by bringing up Cameron Batson. His familiarity in the offense will help make for a smooth transition, but his productivity ceiling isn’t as high.

Marcus Mariota and the Titans offense need more firepower - especially now that teams will aim to silence their most threatening offensive weapon in Corey Davis.

Adding a dependable tight end may be of more value to the offense than adding a fourth or fifth depth chart receiver.

Who’s available?

Free Agent Tight Ends

As mentioned above, there aren’t a lot of unemployed tight ends looking for work - at least not any major names that would force teams to make moves.

However, there are a few options the Titans should consider. Two of which are retired.

Hear me out.

The Titans could explore the option of adding either Julius Thomas or Martellus Bennett. These are options two and three of my free agent list.

Thomas, who has some success catching footballs from Peyton Manning in Denver, retired to continue his education focusing on Psychology. Thomas never matched his Broncos production in either Miami or Jacksonville, but he still has the physical talent. However, his desire to compete may not be there.

Bennett is a character. He’s worn multiple uniforms and was productive for every team he played for. He caught seven touchdowns in the 2016 season with New England and helped the Patriots to a Super Bowl championship. Bennett called it a career after a cup of coffee in Green Bay and a few more snaps in New England.

Would Bennett be willing to lace up the cleats in Nashville? Probably not - but crazier things have happened.

The final - and the most intriguing option in my opinion - would be a reunion with Anthony Fasano.

Fasano Reunion

Fasano spent two season with the Titans before returning to a Dolphins team he spent five years with.

The veteran tight end was a key piece in the 2016 Titans offense - especially his ability as a run blocker. Fasano is physical and helped Jack Conklin find his footing during his rookie season by aiding him in blocking schemes.

Fasano also has a reliable set of hands - something the Titans could desperately use - especially at the tight end position.

Gaudy numbers were never something Fasano did. He was more of a dirty-work guy that would capitalize on the few targets thrown in his direction. A lot of what Fasano could bring to the offense aren’t things that could be captured on the box statistics.

Would Jon Robinson consider reaching out to Fasano? Would Fasano even consider coming back to Nashville?

Fasano has mulled retirement, but nothing is official.

Trading for a veteran is still a viable option, but if the team doesn’t wish to lose any draft capital, Fasano should be considered.

At this point, it’s worth a phone call.