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Titans News: Not For Long

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL stands for Not For Long, as we saw with Nick Williams. Williams had a very strong preseason and training camp, but was injured so didn’t make the team out of the gate. Once healthy he joined the team again. Unfortunately Nick made 2 very costly errors on Sunday and was cut. On a human level, it’s very sad to see a guy that has worked his entire life to be a professional football player, and it didn’t work out with the Titans. Hopefully he gets a job somewhere else. I wish him the best.

Jayon Brown has been awesome this year, and I think that’s been overshadowed by the overall run defense/Rashaan being awful. Brown was the reason I didn’t think we needed to absolutely prioritize ILB this past offseason. That being said, if Evans ever becomes a solid player, we’ll be set for years.

Jim Wyatt does his mailbag and does a good job of not answering the Dez Bryant questions. The guy can’t separate and is a locker room cancer. STOP ASKING ABOUT HIM, PEOPLE.