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The best Marcus Mariota stat EVA

You will likely never see that again!

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

Every week I get an email from the people at Pro Football Focus with some key stats from the game. Here is the best one I have ever seen:

Titans QB Marcus Mariota posted a 131.3 passer rating when targeting himself, connecting on one throw for a six-yard TD. Lol.

They included the Lol. So good.

Mariota was truly spectacular in this game. Here are the other stats that PFF sent on his performance against the Chiefs:

Titans QB Marcus Mariota was impressive when throwing from a clean pocket against the Chiefs. When kept clean, Mariota connected on 18 of 24 throws, averaging 8.3 YPA, and posted a 95.5 passer rating. When hit or hurried, Mariota completed just one pass, however, it was a TD.

Titans QB Marcus Mariota averaged 3.20s snap to pass against the Chiefs, which is an eternity. When throwing in 2.5s or less, he posted an 82.7 passer rating compared to a 99.4 passer rating when throwing in 2.6s or more.

Titans QB Marcus Mariota was exceptional on third down, as he connected on 71.4 percent of his throws for 91 yards and one TD while posting a 153.3 passer rating.

Those third down numbers are just absurd. Mariota has looked more comfortable over the last 3-4 weeks. If he is playing well, this team might just be able to pull off another upset or two in these playoffs....