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What is your confidence level heading into Kansas City?

Let me know why they will win.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

So yesterday I was getting killed on Twitter for picking against the Titans here. There appears to be some confusion between being objective and being a fan. Look, I have been running this site since the Albert Haynesworth stomp game in 2006. No one will be cheering for this team more on Saturday than me.

The problem for me with this team is that I have lost complete faith in the offensive coaching staff. If this offensive was clicking this year like it was in November of last year, I would have 100% faith in this team to go into KC in win. (In fact, if that were the case, the Titans would be playing a home game as the AFC South Champion, but I digress).

That leads me to the question here, how confident are you about the Titans ability to head into Arrowhead and pick up a win. I said earlier this week that they CAN win, but I need you to tell me why they will win. Leave a comment on why you are sure they will win, if you are, and I might use it in a post tomorrow morning.