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What is your favorite Super Bowl recipe?

I prefer snacks while watching the game.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

This is our last Super Bowl themed post. Today’s topic is what do you eat while watching the Super Bowl? Personally, I prefer to have a bunch of snack food sitting around while watching the game instead of eating a big meal.

Of course wings are a must for watching the Super Bowl. I am not a huge fan of Buffalo Wild Wings, but they have a sauce called Asian Zing that might be my favorite sauce ever. We might buy some wings this year and try to re-create that at home.

You also have to have some kind of chips and dip. Buffalo chicken dip is my preference, but you can’t go wrong with salsa or queso. Really, anything that you can just snack on throughout the game is essential.

That will do it for our posts leading up to the Super Bowl. If you have any killer recipes that you care to share with us please do so in the comments.