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Titans Links: Pees of Mind

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have unofficially-officially hired Dean Pees as Defensive Coordinator. I’d imagine his staff gets filled out in the next week or so, before the offensive staff is finalized but who knows at this point. I think Pees is a great hire and will help this team take the next step forward.

There was some chatter about the new Titans jersey’s yesterday on reddit. If those are the real jerseys, I will probably be upset. I don’t really want to go to red jerseys. If it’s incorporated more, thats ok, just not all red.


Eleven Warriors has a post appreciating talent-developer Kerry Coombs.

They also have a top 10 Kerry Coombs moment post, which I would like to inject directly into my veins.

Kerry ran the 40 yard dash with some players, and it turned into some photoshop bliss. Enjoy.