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Derrick Henry says he ran soft against the Jaguars

I love the self-evaluation.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

I love this. It is rare that you see a professional athlete that is willing to speak the truth when they put up a sub-par performance. That is exactly what Derrick Henry did today. He knows that he didn’t run like a feature, power running back. The only way for him to change that is to be honest with himself. It appears that Henry has done just that.

The only chance the Titans have in Kansas City is for Henry to carry the ball 25+ times and average over 4 yards per carry. He has the ability to do just that. Hopefully it comes to fruition in this game.

This game sets up well for the team the Titans think they are. The Chiefs run defense is vulnerable and their offense is high-powered. Remember all of the “Titans zagged when everyone else was zigging” last year? Well here is that game. Can they take advantage?