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Jon Gruden won’t attend Titans’ practice; Will he attend production meetings?

Take that, Chucky

2014 Cleveland Browns Training Camp Practice

This whole Jon Gruden thing is ridiculous. He is going to be coaching the Oakland Raiders next year, but right now he works for ESPN and is assigned to call the Titans and Chiefs Wild Card game this weekend. It seems like the smartest thing for everyone would be for him to not call the game, but I am sure there are contractual obligations that prevent that from happening.

Apparently the Titans have told Gruden that he will not be able to attend practice this week. That probably makes sense, but Gruden did attend a practice ahead of the Monday Night Football game against the Colts back in October. Can you imagine the secrets he picked up???? (#Kidding of course. Terry Robiskie doesn’t have any secrets.)

The Titans, according to that Pro Football Talk report, have not commented on whether or not they will attend production meetings with Gruden. My guess is that they will not, and that is probably the right move. No reason to give him anything else at this point.

You might remember that on the aforementioned MNF game that Gruden seemed shocked that Marcus Mariota could throw the football from the pocket. Apparently his preparation for the Titans isn’t that good even with a production meeting....

[UPDATE]- Gruden was never going to attend Titans practice per Cory Curtis: