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Titans uniform rumors: How big will the changes be?

The rumor mill is churning....

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NFL: AFC Divisional Playoff-Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The only thing that is of more interest to Titans’ fans than who the coordinators are going to be is what the new uniforms will look like. To reset, Amy Adams Strunk announced at training camp before the 2017 season that the Titans would be getting new/updated uniforms before the 2018 season. So obviously there have been 8,234,322 internet mock-ups done since August.

It is important to note what AAS told Paul Kuharksy back in August about the uniforms:

“It’s not minor. It’s not a total color change or anything like that. I think everybody is going to be very pleased with where it went.”

“Like with a lot of changes around here, we were due a change. We’ll roll it out before the season, they’ll get to see it. I’m not sure for what yet, or when. …It’s going to be so fun.”

“It’s going to be totally updated. I think the fans are going to be excited. I’m not seeing other teams have anything close to what we will have.”

So there’s that, but today someone on reddit who claims to have some inside knowledge because he/she leaves close to the Nike factory in Eugene, Oregon said htis:

New color scheme, new logo, new helmets.

The only thing I’ll say here is our new color scheme: red, silver, and Columbia blue.

And of course the internet has been set on fire. The reddit post doesn’t necessarily contradict what AAS said in August, but if you read the whole PK article linked above AAS makes it sound like there won’t be a complete shift in the color scheme like is suggested on reddit.

All we do know is that there will be a big reveal for the new unis in the spring.

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