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Titans TE Delanie Walker named Pro Bowl MVP

Not a bad trip to Orlando for Delanie

Pro Bowl Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Even tough you cannot buy his Pro Bowl jersey, Delanie Walker was the game’s offensive MVP after catching 2 touchdown passes en route to a 24-23 win for the AFC. Walker had 4 catches for 29 yards and the 2 touchdowns.

Walker, in addition to a nifty trophy, gets $64,000 and a luxury automobile from Genesis. Delanie was pretty excited about the car:

“I think I’m going to get the black,” Walker said. “But I think we can get any car we want. It doesn’t matter. It’s not just that car. They say you can pick a car off the lot.

”I’m going to keep that car. Why would I sell it? It’s free. I’m about to drive it so much. That’s going to be my every-day car.”

The Titans were well represented in the Pro Bowl this year. It’s good to see this franchise starting to get some respect around the league.