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NCAA Football: Cotton Bowl-Ohio State vs Southern California Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Kerry Coombs is awesome. His speeches are legendary, and listening to some of them yesterday made me want to run through a wall for the guy. And not only is he a rah-rah type guy, but the guy can coach. After this year he’ll have first round draft picks come from his secondary at tOSU. I think this is a huge get for the Titans and he will go a long way in coaching up Adoree Jackson, Logan Ryan, and LeShaun Sims.

#CanConfirm of the Tennessean writes about 6 candidates for OC. I like Flip and I think Callahan would be fine (there’s just not much to go off here), and the rest would be blah.

Kevin Byard is loving the Pro-Bowl. It will be the first of many for the Titans’ future defensive cornerstone.


The Titans are in desperate need of pass rushers this offseason, either from the edge or inside. Mike Keith talks to some of the best pass rushers at this week’s Senior Bowl.