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Report: Brian Callahan to interview for Titans offensive coordinator

I told you he was a name to watch.

Denver Broncos 2011 Headshots Photo by NFL via Getty Images

Here we go again with the Titans and Giants in the run for the same coach. Jordan Raanan of ESPN NFL Nation is reporting that Brian Callahan will interview for the Titans offensive coordinator position:

One thing that we need to distinguish here, the report on Ryan Day from Adam Schefter was that he had an offer to become the Titans offensive coordinator and he turned them down. That is different than the report that Callahan will interview. He could ultimately end up with the Giants or Jets because Mike Vrabel doesn’t think he is a fit for the Titans.

The article this morning about missing on the other two coaches wasn’t received very well. I want to re-iterate that I am not saying that Vrabel is going to fail because he missed out on Day and James Bettcher. It just seems like the pitch that he used to get him hired may not be coming to fruition raises my eyebrows a little.