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Willie McGinest shares his thoughts on Mike Vrabel as Titans head coach

Vrabel’s former teammate weighs in.

2003 Super Bowl XXXVII  - Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Oakland Raiders 48-21 Photo by Bob Leverone/Sporting News via Getty Images

Look, Jimmy is writing something positive about Mike Vrabel!

But seriously, it was cool to hear Willie McGinest’s thoughts on Vrabel. The things that he talked about here lined up exactly with what Vrabel said at his introductory press conference. The thing that I have been clamoring for is for the next guy to look at the weaknesses of the other team and attack them. That is exactly what McGinest talked about here.

The other thing that I am all in on is bringing the “Patriot Way” to Nashville. I love that we have multiple guys in Vrabel and Jon Robinson that have spent time working with/for Bill Belichick. Regardless of who you think deserves the most credit for what the Patriots have done over the last decade plus, you have to appreciate the way Belichick understands the game of football and how to be successful in it. No one has ever done it as well as he has.

Hopefully we see some of that same success here.