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The Mike Vrabel Titans era isn’t off to a great start

There is some cause for concern here.

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Press Conference Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We have assumed all along that Mike Vrabel came into his initial interview with Amy Adams-Strunk and Jon Robinson with names of guys that he would bring in as his offensive and defensive coordinators. The name for OC, in particular, would have been an important part in the decision to hire him. The problem now is that the Titans and Vrabel have been linked to two potential coordinators, Ryan Day of Ohio State and James Bettcher formerly of the Cardinals, and both have turned them down- Day to stay at Ohio State and Bettcher to be the DC of the New York Giants.

Is this the end of the world? No. Does this mean the Titans will be bad in 2018 and they never should have parted ways with Mike Mularkey? No, but it does have me concerned about what the initial plan was and where they go from here. There is always the chance that Vrabel came in with a list of names that had those 2 guys at the top but the possibility was discussed that he might not be able to get either one. Hopefully that is the case.

Ian Rapoport said last night on the NFL Network that Vrabel has talked with Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo. All will be forgiven and forgotten from my end if we end up with Flip as the offensive coordinator.

Again, please don’t read this as me writing off Mike Vrabel. That is by no means the case because we haven’t even seen him run a practice yet- much less a game, but there is some cause for concern when the first two guys you reportedly made offers to turn you down.