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Report: Deshea Townsend the only possible holdover from Mike Mularkey’s staff

Minnesota Vikings v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

Cameron Wolfe of ESPN is reporting that Mike Vrabel has let everyone from the 2017 Mike Mularkey Titans’ coaching staff go. The only coach that could possibly be back in 2018 is secondary coach Deshea Townsend. Wolfe says that Townsend will interview with Vrabel in Mobile. Townsend and Vrabel played together with the Steelers from 1998-2000.

You hate to see people out of work, but I am good with Vrabel coming in and cleaning house. This could be the only shot that Vrabel gets as an NFL head coach. It makes sense that he would want to be surrounded by his people.

With that being said, hopefully he is doing his homework and hiring the best coaches, not just guys that he is familiar with. If those two happen to be one and the same, that is a win-win, but getting guys to come in and “maximize talent” has to be the most important thing he is looking for.

PK with an update this evening:

So there could be a couple of holdovers from the old staff. Kuharsky also said tonight that he expects Steve Watterson, who has been with the team for more than 30 years, to be retained.