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The Titans best Super Bowl moment

Man, Air McNair was fun to watch!

Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair celebrat Photo credit should read STEVE SCHAEFER/AFP/Getty Images

I have told you before that we do theme posts across all of the NFL sites on SB Nation from time to time. The one for today is my favorite Titans Super Bowl moment. The Titans have only been in one Super Bowl, so the choice for me is pretty easy.

That was the moment that sold me on Steve McNair. How many quarterbacks could get away from those two defensive lineman?!? I’ll tell you, none other than Air McNair.

What I really can’t wait for is the next time the Titans are in the Super Bowl so that we have more than just the game from 2000 to talk about. That game obviously ended in heart break. Marcus Mariota will get us back there, and we will finally have some good memories from a Super Bowl!

What was your favorite memory from the Titans Super Bowl? What was your favorite memory from a non-Titans Super Bowl? Mine would have to be the pick six that Peyton Manning threw to Tracy Porter. I hate Peyton more than any other player not named Ray Lewis in NFL history.