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ESPN re-drafts the 2017 NFL Draft

It is an interesting debate for Titans’ fans.

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The folks over at ESPN re-drafted the top 5 from last April’s NFL Draft. To no one’s surprise, they gave the Titans Marshon Lattimore with the 5th pick instead of Corey Davis. Here were the comments on the pick:

The Titans entered the draft with two first-round draft picks, along with clear needs at receiver and defensive back. They chose receiver Corey Davis at No. 5 and cornerback Adoree’ Jackson at No. 18.

Davis proved to be a promising -- if late-developing -- prospect. Jackson had a solid rookie year. But it’s now clear that Lattimore is a special player, one who earned Pro Bowl honors and was one of the NFL’s top cornerbacks by the end of the season.

In this version, the Titans get the best cover man in the draft at No. 5 and then sift through the remaining receivers at No. 18 or beyond -- such as JuJu Smith-Schuster or Cooper Kupp, who weren’t drafted until the second and third rounds, respectively.

I get it. I do. Lattimore is a stud, but we knew that. The only concern anyone had with him was the hamstring issues that had haunted him in high school and college. I still say that his hamstrings would have exploded had he come to the Titans with all of the hamstring issues they had here last season.

The other reason this makes sense is because Corey Davis had a rough rookie year. However, it is way too early to give up on him being a top 5 talent. He got hurt early in camp and was playing in a terrible offense. You will see a huge difference in year two.

It is still my contention that the Titans will come out ahead with Davis and Jackson. In the end the drop off from Lattimore to Jackson won’t be as big as the drop off from Davis to Smith-Schuster or Kupp. That seems like a bold statement right now, but trust me, it will play out.

So now it’s your turn. Would you rather have Davis and Jackson or Lattimore and Smith-Schuster?