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Report: Ryan Day to stay at Ohio State, will not be the Titans offensive coordinator

Mark him off the list.

Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Well, so much for that.

After most of us got on board with a potential Ryan Day hire, Adam Schefter now reports that Day is expected to remain in Columbus with Ohio State.

Schefter said Day was “considering becoming the Titans offensive coordinator” yesterday, which would mean an offer was extended. He’s currently serving as the co-offensive coordinator with the Buckeyes.

Day was exactly what most Titans fans wanted — an adaptable guy with a background in the spread offense. He had done a little bit of everything scheme-wise as a coordinator in the college ranks.

So the search for the next man to lead the Titans offense continues. We’ll see if Vrabel gets back on the beaten path with the hot names like DeFilippo or LaFleur, or if he continues to search outside of the box. Without much time coaching, it’s difficult to speculate on any potential links with Vrabel.