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Some thoughts on Mike Vrabel’s introductory press conference with the Titans

It is easy to see how Vrabel won Jon Robinson over.

Mike Vrabel said he wants a team that is big, fast, strong and disciplined. He talked a lot about discipline when asked about his vision for the Titans going forward. That is a culture that is here now, and it sounds like Vrabel will build on that.

Vrabel said he talked to Marcus Mariota last night. Vrabel said he is going to do things to help Marcus play with confidence. That is really important because you could tell at times last year that Mariota didn’t have any confidence in his game. Vrabel also said Marcus will not have say in who the Titans’ offensive coordinator ultimately is.

Vrabel talked a lot about the guys he has played/coached under. That part of his resume is really impressive with names like Urban Meyer, Bill Cowher and Bill Belichick.

When asked about his experience, or lack thereof, said he doesn’t think that anyone can ever be ready when they get that first chance. Vrabel said he will make mistakes, not many, but he won’t make the same mistake twice.

Vrabel said he was “scared to death” when scheming against Mariota last year.

He said he will be able to relate to every player on the team because he has been in their shoes- from the drafted rookie, to the high priced free agent, to the aging veteran.

Vrabel called his defense coverage consistency with front multiplicity. I think we need to put that on a t-shirt.

The quote of the press conference: “We aren’t going to run it into 8 or 9 guys. We aren’t going to be silly.”

It is easy to see what Jon Robinson saw in Vrabel. He talked about his love for coaching players and trying to come up with different ways to make sure they “get it.” He also talked about how rewarding it is to see a guy finally “get it.”

Vrabel said his role in personnel will be to have continued conversations with Robinson.

He gave a really good answer when asked about spread in the NFL. Vrabel said that is where the game is at- said his farm system is college football and that’s what those guys are doing. He also made sure to say that he isn’t going to put Mariota at risk for no reason.

Robinson said that Vrabel came into the interview with a good understanding of the Titans current roster. Obviously part of that came from scheming against the Titans twice last year.

He won the press conference. I’m in. What were your thoughts?