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Report: Dick LeBeau out as Titans defensive coordinator

Mike Vrabel will bring in his own guy to run the defense.

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns

Paul Kuharsky is reporting that Dick LeBeau will not return as the Titans defensive coordinator. This move doesn’t really come as a surprise. Mike Vrabel wants his guy to come in and run the defense. PK also says that he is hearing Darren Perry as a potential name for DC here. Perry has been the Packers defensive backs coach since 2009. The Packers defensive backs have been terrible for most of that time. That scares me. Terry is going go have more on Perry shortly.

It is a little sad to see LeBeau go. He did a really good job with the Titans defense this year. In fact, he is the reason the Titans made the playoffs in 2017.

LeBeau has had a storied career. Kuharsky also reported that LeBeau was the only one in the building working last Monday after it was announced that Mike Mularkey was out. Don’t be surprised if he turns up on someone’s staff in 2018.

We talked a little bit about what Vrabel might do at DC on the podcast Saturday night: