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John McClain says Mike Vrabel has “head coach written all over him”

Some insight on the Titans new head coach.

Houston Texans v Pittsburgh Steelers

John McClain has been an NFL writer for nearly 4 decades. He has covered the Texans for a long time, so he has obviously spent a lot of time around new Titans’ coach Mike Vrabel. Here is what McClain had to say on a radio show earlier this month about Vrabel (via Pride of Detroit):

“I’m on my 39th year of covering the NFL and Mike, as an assistant coach, has got head coach written all over him more than anybody I’ve ever covered,” McClain said. “And the reason is this: Not only did he have great credential as an outside linebacker with the Steelers, Patriots, Chiefs at the end of his career, everybody who he played for—including Bill Belichick—knew that he wanted to be a coach.”

It really sounds like Jon Robinson already had Vrabel in mind when he took to the podium last Monday. Robinson said he wanted a “leader of men.” Everything that you read about Vrabel sounds like he is precisely that.

Now we just wait and see what kind of staff Vrabel will be able to assemble.

Pride of Detroit also had this post with some really good insight on Vrabel from Battle Red Blog.