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The Titans offense was a disaster on Sunday

#Shocking, I know

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Brian Baldinger (@BaldyNFL) is a must follow on Twitter. He spent the better part of this morning breaking down the Titans offense from the game against the Jaguars. Spoiler alert: It was really, really ugly.

Before we look at his series of Tweets, let me just say this, the fact that Derrick Henry doesn’t know which way to go in week 17 is inexcusable. Is that on Henry? Absolutely, but Baldinger pointed out plenty of other instances where multiple guys were confused about where to line up or who to block.

I don’t understand how you can look at all of this and not see that the coaching on offense is a disaster. We all see it. The question is whether or not Amy Adams Strunk and Jon Robinson see it or not. They are the ones that can make change happen once the season is over.

My bet is that they are smart enough to see it.