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Titans Podcast: Previewing New England with Mark Schofield of Locked on Patriots

Big show.

New England Patriots Practice Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Big show on tap for you guys today. We were joined my Mark Schofield of Locked on Patriots and Bleacher Report to preview Saturday’s Titans — Patriots divisional round matchup.

Mark will get you caught up on all things Patriots, including the status of a few injured players like Rex Burkhead. He will tell you the strengths and some surprising weaknesses about this team. We’ll also dive into the now infamous ESPN article about the reported feud behind closed doors.

Jimmy and I did our best to ask some burning questions and we answered a couple of his own about the Titans. It was a fun time with Mark — hope you guys enjoy it.

This will be our last podcast of the week. Of course, we’ll be back sometime on Sunday with a reaction to what we see on Saturday.