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Titans Podcast: Diving into the numbers of the Patriots

Sorting though the numbers.

New England Patriots Practice Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

It’s time to put the Chiefs game and Mike Mularkey’s job status behind us. The Titans have their biggest game in nearly a decade ahead of them on Saturday night. Nobody is giving them a chance against the New England Patriots (for understandable reasons).

On today’s episode, we’ll sift through the numbers and tell you where the Titans can win against the Patriots. Their run defense is shaky at best and the Titans could be able to control the tempo of this one. We’ll tell you why that’s a big deal.

Both teams updated the injury report today, so we will take you through that real quick as well. Tomorrow, we will be joined by Mark Schofield of Locked on Patriots to get a different perspective on Saturday’s game.

As always, we will post that podcast here on Thursday morning. If you want daily episodes quicker, subscribe to Locked on Titans on iTunes.